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About Us

Blation Media is an Online Marketing and Advertising Agency located in Los Angeles California. Having over 5 years of experience in the industry makes it easy for us to work with any company no matter their craft. We help businesses increase visibility, web traffic, online sales, interaction, and feedback. Are you a small business? Perfect. Are you a multi-billion dollar business? Perfect. Here at Blation Media, we partner with EVERY size, shape, and form of a business. All we see is success, not the size of your business. We understand that every business is different in many ways. Our goal is to achieve results for our clients no matter their situation. We are able to assess our clients’ needs, formulate a plan of attack together, and become able to increase our clients’ visibility 10 fold.


Social Media and SEO change every day. If you aren’t constantly adapting your strategies, then you might as well just stop trying. We are always a step ahead of our competition when it comes to adapting to constant changes. We specialize in staying on top of all changes made my Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many many more! Our amazing staff is always coming up with innovative strategies that increase our clients’ exposure to the RIGHT audience. Here at Blation we truly work as a team to bring top results to each of our partnerships in a timely manner.

We are not your typical “ad firm”. Blation Media ‘s staff is extremely creative and more importantly, effective when it comes to marketing our clients through social media and search engine platforms. We have developed quite a few tricks along the way, and our clients benefit from them daily. Don’t believe us? We have testimonials that will keep you busy for a week!

Our proof is all over the internet! Give us a call and get your Blation on.


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